Felix and the Sacred Thor

So we have a society of people who are highly trained to sexually service animals and the market is glutted, where there are no decent jobs and those that are decent require sodomy and seldom pay wages, there are a bunch of people running amok with animal dildos in a place where people eat by breathing grease and there are exploding toasters put into people by a madman whom the spirits behind the dildos want defeated. Got it? This is a seriously deranged, insane, clever, nasty, twitchy, funny book. -- Anita Dalton, ireadoddbooks.com

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...we watch our hero get one of the astronomically rare horse-massage jobs actually out there, at which point he realizes that the junk of the horse in question is in reality actually a giant green sex toy and sacred weapon bestowed by a long-forgotten god, which our protagonist is charged with using in order to bring about world peace. And that gets us to...oh, page ten or so, which is where things start getting really weird. -- Jason Pettus, CCLaP

This story is so far into the realm of weird that you go 'what the?' but you can't pull away from reading it. The character of Felix alone will want you to come back and read more. -- Sonar4Landing